Every coach, wrestler or athlete is faced with a similar question- Are you gonna go ALL IN or are you gonna hold back for some reason or another?

If you are thinking “Well maybe this is the year I put in the work and commit to being a Champion” then forget about it you won’t be very successful. If you think like this it won’t happen! You have to KNOW and make the decision that you are 100% committed to doing everything possible (within the rules) in your power to being a Champion. There is no Maybe!

Being ALL IN requires this commitment- Doing the little things right each day to give yourself the best possible chance to accomplish your goal. There is no 9-5, no shortcuts, no distractions rather all business.

The wrestling, the strength training, the running, the mindset, the nutrition, the sleep/recovery, etc- You have to be willing to do it all to be considered ALL IN. Maybe you’ve seen a guy get by without being all in, but he was missing out on another level of personal mastery and success.

Who is the greatest Bodybuilder of all time?

Now listen and take note to his Mindset!!!