Olympic Trial Interviews #1 Topic: MINDSET!

Have you seen the interviews from this weekend?
How much more proof do you need?

All the BEST talk about MINDSET:

J’Den Cox- “That’s just my MINDSET, I’m not nervous at all. I’m ready to go. I don’t think about seedings or rankings.”

Jordan Burroughs- “I’m MENTALLY TOUGHER” [this year]

Frank Molinaro- “in the right MINDSET- same routine, having fun, smile”

Daniel Dennis- “I THINK I can beat anybody. I don’t think about qualifying or winning.”

Robby Smith- “Just keep PULLING THE TRIGGER”

Jake Herbert- “This [MINDSET] is the part we’re trying to figure out, getting to that 5th gear.”

Kyven Gadson- “Goals change while the MINDSET changes”

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