Welcome to the Wrestling Mindset All-American Series, where we dive deep into the journeys and triumphs of the nation’s top collegiate wrestlers.



Join us as we sit down with NCAA All-Americans, reliving their moments of glory and discovering the mindset that propels them to success on the mat. To kick off this exciting series, we’re honored to introduce NCAA All-American Mitchell Mesenbrink. Together with Wrestling Mindset Founder Gene Zannetti, they discuss how wrestling felt like a natural fit for him, and the approach he took to learning technique and building skills. They also talk about knowing how to compete with a positive attitude regardless of outcomes, dealing with pressure and doubt, and how the main focus should always be about being a good man.


Timestamps: 2:24 – Wrestling was natural fit 5:30 – Mitchell’s approach to wrestling 9:32 – Tips for young wrestlers 12:59 – Developing Faith 17:30 – The goal was always Penn State 20:00 – The main focus is being a good man 23:33 – Know how to compete 25:28 – Managing doubt, pressure and negativity


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