Mathematically, a pyramid can only be as tall as its base.

What does this mean for wrestlers?

You must build a strong foundation- spiritually, mentally and physically. If the foundation is weak, wrestling and life will continue to poke holes in it. You are bound to fail. But with the right foundation you are poised for glory and cannot fail.

There are 3 essential parts to pyramid: Spirit, Mind & Body.

The foundation must be made up of the Spirit. What is this?

The Spirit consists of knowing who you are and knowing what you believe in. This may mean many things for many people but it includes faith, morals and values. This belief system needs to be what drives us and determines our choices and behaviors. When we are able to do this to the best of our ability we are able to ensure real “success”. It will simplify, clarify and enhance our decisions. The Spirit will enable the proper foundation to maximally grow our own pyramids.