Wrestling Mindset endorses 3 Pillars of Training. 3 philosophies to live by. 3 WHYs- Intensity, Consistency, and Constant Improvement. Today is the Pillar #1- Intensity. Intensity is performing at the highest level to which you are capable of RIGHT NOW.

This is likened to the idea of always seeking the challenge. Compete with people or situations that are at or slightly above your present level. This will push you forward toward growth and expansion.

You are always faced with the decision, Am I going to go all out, or am I going to hold back? Consistently decide to go all out. Err on the side of being gutsy. That is what life is all about. Not taking it easy and just getting through things. You only go around once, so you might as well go hard when it is your turn. Or, you will probably be sorry you didn’t. Few people get old and say, “ I shouldn’t have gone for it so much” or “I should’ve taken it easy” or “I should have played it safe during the game.”

Compete a grade level above yourself in sports, don’t play video games on Easy for long, volunteer for more responsibility at work or school. Set all standards a little bit higher. (Best yet, don’t let others standards impact you at all- set your own mark and enforce it!) Remember that this is all a game designed for your improvement. So do not take wins or losses too seriously. You objective is improvement- so you must be INTENSE. Do not put yourself in too high of a level.

Failure and success are both important. Failure is important to keep you humble and continually seeking improvement. Success is also important for confidence. This is why you must compete or participate in the highest level you are presently capable of performing- you will experience both success and failure.

I must add here that PASSION for what you do & Desire to Improve are prerequisites for all goal attainment. You will not have proper perspective of success and failure if you do not love what you do or want to improve. If you are not looking to improve, you may want to participate at lower levels to ensure success and good feelings. But, if you have a goal, then you must always push yourself to your threshold or risk becoming stagnant or moving in the opposite direction of your goals. There is no substitute for Intensity. You gotta go hard. You gotta be Fanatical.