Imagery and Visualization we all do it. We are already good at it, however it is a mental muscle. Sub conscience mind, what are you not aware of but it is taking over you daily actions. How to fix it? Affirmations,Imagery, Visualizations. These are mental muscles and need mental reps. Thoughts images and affirmations programs your sub conscience mind.
Mindfulness, staying in the moment. Out of autopilot. Example eating fruit. Be in the moment how does the fruit taste. If you think about the outcome or expectations your every where besides the present moment. One moment at a time. Be aware of the tangibles that put you in the present moment.
Say it over and over again. I am the greatest. Muhammad Ali said it over and over again. That is feeding the sub conscience mind.
Affirmations are believing you are and will obtain your goal. Say it like you already achieved it. I am the 2022 State Champion!
Right side of Brain is Imagery and Visualization muscles. Think about certain images or even music that helps target certain feelings you have or want to have.
Left side of your brain is your affirmations muscles. What are you saying to yourself. Say it like you already achieved it.
You can override negative thoughts by using your positive imagery and affirmations.
It is easier to tell yourself what you want against what you do not want.
Don’t think of “Don’t give up a takedown, don’t give up a point etc.) You see the wrestlers think too much. It is better to say “Get to your shot, stay aggressive, get one more”.
Use language that works for you. Leave no doubt. Let it fly. Make it happen.
Use affirmations when you need motivations. It is a way to get yourself up. Or when you are in a relaxed state.
Visualizations you can see adversity and yourself overcoming adversity. If you keeps you up at night do not do it at night. Especially the night before wrestling.
Like our Mindset Principles. It is something you say before and after a practice, match, workout. It is a saying you do in routine.
Make Imagery, Visualization, and Affirmations apart of a routine.
Watch our Video on Imagery, Visualization, and Affirmations below: