We recently conducted a statistical study on points scored in a wrestling match. Our aim was to find out what your percentage of winning is based on how many points you score. Our study analyzed 500 matches at the 2008 Midlands Championships.

Check out the numbers below (no surprises, the more points you score the greater your chances of winning):

Winning Percentage (based on how many points you score in that match)

10+ points: 97%
9 points: 85%
8 points: 85%
7 points: 71%
6 points: 65%
5 points: 51%
4 points: 46%
3 points: 33%
2 points: 10%
1 point: 2%

Lesson: Focus on scoring points instead of wins/losses! Don’t just try to outscore your opponent, look to put up as many points as possible. The more points you score, the better your chances of winning.