I am convinced that the greatest asset of Jordan Burroughs is his Mindset shaped by his Faith in God. Jordan wrestles in the moment, he is poised throughout his matches, he believes he will accomplish his goals, yet he is not afraid of losing. I believe that Faith gives you a true purpose in wrestling far beyond winning- to glorify God through your training & success and to bring yourself and others closer to Him.

Faith will also take away much of the pressure of winning and losing. Jordan Burroughs says in his recent interview (http://player.vimeo.com/video/74689603), “If I do lose, it’s just God’s sovereign plan for me to not win that match…That takes away all the pressure for me and adds a sense of peacefulness and I could go out there and compete at a high level without the fear of winning or losing.”

If you believe in God’s plan there is no reason to worry about winning or losing. This isn’t to say you embrace losing and don’t always strive to improve. Rather we should strive to train, compete, and live in a way that we are glorifying God- and this is nothing short of your best effort.

The movie Chariots of Fire depicts this theme as well (based on a true story). If you haven’t seen it go and rent it tonight. Olympic Champion Eric Liddell trains, competes, and lives for the Lord. He uses his gifts as a runner to glorify God and brings other to Him. Eric Liddell, like Jordan Burroughs, finds peace in his sport because of his Faith. They keep an ultimate perspective, not focused on winning or losing, but on showing God’s great power through the way they compete. Faith, Mindset, & Wrestling go hand in hand. Wrestle with Faith, Wrestle for the Lord!