Anyone who watched the Suriano vs Fix match this weekend probably heard the announcer talk about both wrestlers falling victim to this Mindset Red Flag that Wrestling Mindset talks about frequently: Giving good opponents too much respect. 

You see it every tournament and almost every dual meet. A wrestler gives his opponent too much respect and doesn’t wrestle the way he is capable of wrestling.

It even happens at the highest levels as evidenced by Suriano and Fix. Don’t take it from me listen to their interviews after the match. 

While both are great wrestlers (physically and mentally) I’m sure neither of them felt good about their performance. 

How could they? No solid leg attacks or scoring opportunities were created. 

Listen, they are both great wrestlers. They will go back to the drawing board and make changes. But its a solid learn opportunity for both them and the wrestling community.

What was the specific problem?

Well it could be many things (depends on the wrestler): Fear of getting scored on, fear of losing, worried about making mistakes, distracted by the media or hype, thinking too much about the last time they wrestled, not confident in technique, thinking too much about the outcome, etc etc. 

The bottom line is that even at the highest level, these things need to be addressed. No one is above consistent mindset training. Even with mental training we will all make mistakes. But imagine if these guys didn’t actively train their minds?

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