What is the Magic Man’s greatest asset?

Technique, speed, power, timing, conditioning, and on and on. Don’t get me wrong he has those too, but his greatest asset is his Confidence.

I believe this is what separates David Taylor from the pack. Before each match, he KNOWS he is going to score a ton of points, he KNOWS he is going to get 5 or 6 takedowns and a few sets up back points. Combine this supreme Confidence with the other attributes and you put points on the scoreboard.

DT is constantly moving forward, pressing the action, and looking to score points. He proceeds confidently knowing he WILL score points in each position.

A big part of our Mindset Training is spent focusing on two principles with our wrestlers.

(1) Constantly look to score points, no matter what the score. (never sit on leads, hold back or go down without swinging)

(2) Believing that you WILL score points from each position. (this one takes much more training but separates the good from the great)

The Magic Man is a physical force no doubt, but his Confidence is what blows his matches wide open.

Mark Twain put it well, “To succeed in life you need two things- ignorance and confidence.” The wrestler who has BOTH ignorance and confidence is the wrestler who has a CHANCE to beat the Magic Man.

From a Mental and Physical standpoint though, you got to love David Taylor. He wrestles with confidence and swagger that I use as a model to almost all my athletes. Technique and physicality will take you far, but Confidence will take you to the Top!