The past few weeks, I spoke of fueling yourself with optimal fuel. Obviously, you must fuel with proper Exercise and Nutrition, but also Mindset. Your Mindset fuel is your WHY. WHY you want the goal that you set. Your WHY powers all the decisions you make and actions you take. Z-Fanatical endorses 3 Pillars of Fitness. 3 philosophies to live by. 3 WHYs- Intensity, Consistency, and Constant Improvement. Today is the Pillar #2- Consistency. By the way each of the 3 pillars is equally important. In no way do these numbers reflect a rank order. Just as each column of the White House or ancient Greek Temple must be the same size to balance the roof, so too are the pillars to balance Fanaticism.

I define consistency as- prioritizing your action plan each day. A priority is like sky diving and making sure you pull the pin to release the parachute. You would not forget to do that or make some excuse to procrastinate until tomorrow, or the New Years (Hint- start today). You make sure you pull the pin. My former wrestling coach John Sacchi once told our team, “If you don’t have discipline, you don’t have a damn thing in this world.”

Notre Dame’s football coach was asked in the beginning of ;ast season what he felt his chances were for bringing the Fighting Irish to a National Championship game. He told them, we need to first talk about having a consistent team before talking about a national championship team. Discipline and consistency both have to do with having the same high level of expectation and performance day in and day out. Dabblers work really hard for a short period of time then stop, than pick it up again. True Masters avoid these peaks and valleys (or at least minimize their effect) by taking consistent action. Life circumstances do come up and can derail you from your action plan. But this should not happen more than 20% of the time.

If you are not consistent with your action plan at least 80% of the time, these are not extenuating circumstances. They are your lack of to planning ahead. If you get nothing else form today’s lesson, (1) Write down a specific Exercise, Nutrition, and Mindset Plan. Actually put the pen to paper and write it out. DO NOT TAKE THIS STEP LIGHTLY. Reputable psychological professionals will all tell you the same thing- writing things down increase your chances of compliance. Aren’t you reading this to increase your chances of success. Be sure to go all the way with it and write it down. Mindset breeds consistency.