1. Bombard yourself with positive thoughts and focus on your strengths. This is not the time to be critical of yourself. Dwelling on setbacks, losses, injuries or weaknesses will only hurt confidence. We recommend our athletes watch their highlight tapes and best performances leading up to championship weekend. Watch yourself execute technique and compete fearlessly. You are good enough to get the job done. See it, believe it, achieve it!

2. Ensure proper Energy Management. Now is the time to shorten workouts and avoid over training. The work is in the bank, don’t try to cram a ton of work in the last few weeks of the season. On match day try not to think about wrestling until you begin your warm up. Mental and Emotional stress (from thinking about your opponent and matches) will drain your battery even faster than Physical stress. In between rounds, don’t watch much wrestling. Jordan Burroughs admits that he does not watch a lot of wrestling when competing as this only makes him more nervous. Focus on rehydrating, refueling, and relaxing in between rounds. Listen to music, talk to people who will help you relax, get some fresh air, or do some deep breathing.

3. Visualize yourself warming up,competing, and executing technique in the arena. Be as vivid as possible, using as many senses as possible. Limit this to 10-15 minutes a day to avoid Mental and Emotional Stress from thinking too much about wrestling.

4. Act more Confident. The fastest way to feel more confident is to act more confident. Walk with purpose and swagger, control your breathing, and smile. Studies show that confidence is synthesized simply by acting more confidently.

5. Focus on winning positions and scoring points rather than on the match outcomes. If you get taken down to your back don’t panic and begin thinking about how you will win the match. Focus on scoring the next point and then the next point and on and on. Our effort and attitude are 2 things we always control. These levels should be sky high, while you relentlessly try to win each position and score the next point for the duration of the match. If you do this, good things tend to happen and the outcome will take care of itself.

6. Plan on winning each match 2 or 3 times. Bad call no takedown, that’s okay get another takedown. This philosophy is taken from Team USA head coach Zeke Jones. Never assume the calls will go your way. Take the refs out of the match and win the match again if you have to without complaining. You have a huge advantage if you take this attitude into each match, because your opponent likely will not.

7. Stay away from people who add pressure or cloud your mind. The further into the postseason the more coaches (club coach. personal coach, strength coach, mindset coach), family members and friends will be in attendance. Don’t feel obligated to talk to anyone in between each round. Less is more sometimes.


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