7 Keys for Summer Success


The simple things are simple to do but they are also simple not to do.  Start today by making some simple but effective choices and you will return back to school a much better version of yourself than when you left.

Follow the 7 keys below to make this your best summer ever! 


1, Workout Daily

Implement a daily workout routine that is sports specific based.


  1. Rest & Relax

Taking care of our bodies by implementing a day to rest and relax is just as important as working out.  Make sure the rest days are “active rest”, which could be going for a walk, bike ride or playing a game other than your sport with friends.


  1. Eating Healthy

Taking part in the 7 C’s Challenge if you haven’t already is a great way to start new healthy eating habits.  From Memorial Day to Labor Day eliminate all candy, cookies, cakes, chips, colas, chocolates or complaining.  


  1. Weekly MIndset Training

What percentage of your sport would you consider to be mental vs physical?  How much time are you actually allocating to training mentallly?  Implementing weekly mindset training will help you balance the equation between your beliefs and your actions.

Make sure you’re also signed up for our Free Daily Motivation Text Messaging Service.  

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5, Daily Reading

Set a goal to read at least 5 books this summer.  The vast majority of the most successful people in the world have mentioned that they read daily.  “Success leaves clues”


  1. Flexibility

Implement a daily stretching routine that mimics some of the most common positions within your sport.


  1. Live a more moral life

Dedicate this summer to living a life focussed on your personal moral beliefs while becoming the best version of yourself. Being honest, treating others with respect, eliminating cursing, loving others with a full heart and eliminating comparing ourselves to others.