Thou hath heard it said: Thou Shalt not reach back, thou shalt not step over a whizzer, and thou shalt not granby roll whence thy opponent hath a half nelson.

Here are the 7 Cardinal Sins of Mindset in Wrestling:

1. Indifference/Apathy- there is no room for half-hearted intensity in this sport.

2. Stubbornness- uncoachable wrestlers become unsuccessful wrestlers

3. Pride- if you think you have all the answers you better start asking better questions. Keep a white belt mentality!

4. Self-Doubt- enough said

5. Cautiousness- if you hesitate you lose. You gotta err on the side of gutsy and Pull the Trigger!

6. Perfectionism- the ultimate double edge sword.

7. Overseriousness- wrestling and life is supposed to be enjoyable. Don’t take life too serious you’ll never get out alive (thanks Dr Seuss). Wrestling is important to all of us but at the end of the day its just a sport. Enjoy it, Seize the day and Have Fun!


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