“6 Keys to Building a Championship Culture”


  1.     It all starts at the top:

Live the code that you put in place by practicing what you preach on a daily basis. I would rather see a sermon than hear a sermon.


  1.     Caring about your athletes:

Take a second and think about who the people are that truly care the most about you…There is a good chance that you are thinking about someone in your family.  As coaches we are striving to build a family like culture by showing each and every one of your athletes that you truly care about them as individuals not just their success in sports. A great acronym for “FAMILY” is: Forget About Me, I Love You. Your athletes won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.  People often remember the people who care about them most simply by the way they make them feel.


  1.     Unify with a goal:

Implement long and short term goals for sports, school and life.  Defining your purpose will help you build virtue. Use athletics as a vehicle to help drive your athletes to their maximum potential in sports, school and life. If your “Why” is big enough you will always find the “How to”.


  1.     Define a statement of principles:

Who are we and what do we believe in?  All branches of our military have principles that they recite out loud on a daily basis.  Allow your mouth to teach your mind and heart. Having all levels of your program including your coaches and parents speaking the same language will result in building a strong culture within,  Our Winning Mindset Team Workshops begin and end with everyone getting on their feet and reciting the 4 Mindset Principles.


  1.     Incorporate activities outside of sport:

The strongest families have gatherings all year long not just during the holidays.  Getting everyone together outside of your season will help build a stronger culture that people feel accepted and want to be a part of.


  1.     Be patient:

Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Having strong belief in the long term goals is important, however making the daily process the most important focus is much more time efficient in the long run.


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Written by:  Josh Hinze – Winning Mindset Coach