6 Key Elements of Fitness Success

Motivation- Most of us need to be motivated to get that workout in, whether it be to get up out of bed, get it in after work or squeeze it in some other time during the day, we need to get ourselves up to the challenge

Commitment- This is probably the most important ingredient to you having success with reaching your fitness goals. if you’re not committed your success if you have any at all will sub-par at best

Consistency- Directly on the heels of commitment is consistency. If you’re consistent, you’ll see better results from your program than if your training is interrupted and you’re not following your nutritional program as directed. Day in and day out stick to your program.

Intention- DO IT LIKE YOU MEAN! I often see people train like they are just trying to get through the workout. Why? Embrace every rep, and do it perfectly look at it as one step closer to achieving the health and body you want.

Belief- You’ve tried everything, and nothing seem to work so you’ve given up, but you decide to give it one more try. If you don’t believe you’ll be successful you’ve already put yourself behind the 8 ball. Aside from having an illness or syndrome that prevents you from achieving your health and fitness goals anyone can and will achieve fitness success.

Accountability- There is a better degree of success when we take on tasks if we are held accountable, some of us are good at holding ourselves accountable some of us aren’t figure out which category you fall under and if you need that outside source to hold you accountable then find that person, if you can hold yourself accountable then you probably aren’t reading this portion of the post.

Take a look at these characteristics and see how they relate to you and your fitness journey, exercise them if your fitness plan if you aren’t and you’ll see significant value in them.