1. Many of America’s best wrestlers have strong Faith. Listen to interviews by Jordan Burroughs, Brent Metcalf and Tervel Dlagnev. They speak openly about their faith. It’s on the forefront of their minds before and after they wrestle. To be the total package you need all 3 dimensions- Physical, Mental and Spiritual.

2. Offense eventually wins. Watch the trials matches again. Nearly every time the more offensive wrestler won. There will be times that being too aggressive bites you in the butt. But it will benefit you in the long run. You will win more and learn more from each match. If you don’t take risks you will never beat the best wrestlers.

3. Consistency wins. I think all wrestlers strive for consistent high performance. The biggest thing that separates the elite wrestlers from other good wrestlers is their consistency. You can’t talk about guys like Brent Metcalf, Tervel Dlagnev, Tony Ramos, or Jordan Burroughs without mentioning their consistent high performance. You got to talk about consistency before you talk about championships. How do you build it? Everyone always talks about consistent training and intensity. Very true. But the other piece of the puzzle is that you need to have consistent daily thoughts, habits, and thoughts/feelings before matches. I have heard both Metcalf and Burroughs talk about the importance of their prematch routine in order to mentally prepare for battle.

4. Wrestling is fun. Kyle Snyder had a great interview after winning the trials. They asked the difference in feelings after losing the in the NCAA finals versus winning the trials. Obviously he said it was like night and day. But he also said that even after losing in the finals he reminded himself how wrestling is fun and it is something he loves to do. If you don’t love wrestling and get good at reminding yourself why you love wrestling, then you will never be able to reach your potential or get through all the inevitable tough times you will face.

5. Have a plan and believe in it. Failing to plan is failing to plan. Jake Herbert talked about his training plan and how he trusts in the process. Great have a plan to succeed. But if you don’t believe in the plan than you are no better off. The best wrestlers have a great training plan and believe in the process.