The season is right around the corner, yet many wrestlers are NOT yet competing at the level they need to in order to achieve their goals this season. Many wrestlers are guilty of putting opponents on a pedestal, psyching themselves out, and wrestling scared. Stop trying to solve mindset problems with physical solutions. Attack the real problem NOW! There is not a lot of time between now and March. Many drastic changes need to be made QUICKLY! If this is your problem, Wrestling Mindset is the solution. There are many top wrestlers around the country already using our Weekly Mindset Exercises to give them the mental edge. It is time YOU got the EDGE!

Step 1: Put Super 32’s behind you. It’s only 1 tournament
Step 2: Realize your mind won’t change until YOU make an effort to change it!
Step 3: Take concrete action NOW so you are fully prepared to be at your best in March
Step 4: Stop doing the same thing and expecting the same result!
Step 5: Start training your Mindset!