1. Can you be too Aggressive?

Synder’s match didn’t go his way and Sanderson seemed to be more worked up and more vocal than usual. Synder was aggressive. Twice he shot his low single. Was he being too aggressive? No, that’s how he wrestles. Do what got you there. Live by the sword die by the sword. Sometimes you come up short. What does he do now? Get the next best thing World Championships. Keep training. Be aggressive in life and in business. Being timid vs going after a shot for example. A tap is not a shot we want full shot attempts. and get off your knees during shots. The way you do one thing is the way you should do everything. Full effort, attitude, and aggressiveness.


2. Wait and see, call your own shots. 

What’s next for Gable Stevenson? Wait and see as he calls the shots. You make the ultimate decision. Get solid advice from your mentors and make the right call based on your own decision on and off the mat. That can go from choosing a weight class to choosing a career. Whatever decision you make believe it is the best thing that could ever happen for you.


3.Keep a Journal Entry.

Sarah Hildebrandt had a journal and kept track on thoughts. Her key message was the power of positivity and an element of fun with pride on of the effort you give. Be in the moment. Time goes by too quick. Enjoy where you are at now. Do not wish for future time make your time count now.

4. Success is up to you.

What defines success? It’s up to you. Accolades and medals doesn’t allows mean success in life. To some success can be learning from a mistake or just getting better at certain techniques. Tamyra Mensah-Stock gave back by buying her mother a food truck. She defines that as a bigger success than the gold medal. Success is defined by you!

5.Be Fast Learners and get after it.

Are you becoming a better version of yourself. Trust the process and trust your training. Believe in yourself and have unstoppable confidence in everything you do. Make every workout, every match, every study session, etc count. Once again: The way you do one thing is the way you should do everything. Full effort, attitude, and aggressiveness.

This week’s episode is an overall Olympic Recap & Mindset lessons that can be carried on and off the mat. What defines success? Are you too Aggressive? Are you keeping a journal entry? Are you giving back to people that are important to you? What is next for Gable Steveson? Find out on this week’s episode on Mindset Monday.

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Blog by: Ray Jaz (Wrestling Mindset Coach)