1.       Constantly evolve. You can never rest on your laurels or assume you know everything. Wrestling cannot assume it is safe because it’s the oldest sport. Same thing goes for you, always seek the next level in technique and competition. Get better everyday!

2.       Don’t ignore your weaknesses. Wrestling must focus on promotion, inclusion, and community. The more we support these efforts, the better the sport will be. What are your weaknesses? When, where, and how exactly will you put in the work to improve them?

3.       Strive to always turn a bad situation into a positive. What started as an outcry, united the world in a common pursuit. Many terrible rules improved because the possibility of elimination. When you lose or make a mistake, how exactly do you bounce back? Have a plan how you will let mistakes go, accept the loss, and work on improving this moment.

4.       Get involved in the wrestling community. Wrestling is an individual sport, so we often keep to ourselves. During these trying times, the best wrestlers and organizations in the world reached out to one another for support. In your wrestling career, don’t leave this to your parents and coaches. Actively seek out competition, coaches, information, videos, workout partners etc.

5.       Never Quit on yourself and your dream. Wrestling’s back was against the wall. It was an uphill battle. And you know, it’s funny that my non-wrestling friends all thought the sport was going to be cut, while my wrestling friends and those in the community remained overwhelmingly positive about our chances. Top wrestlers remain optimistic even when normal people become overwhelmed and quit. Never give up on your dream. Don’t think like average people. Think like a real wrestler.