1. Our medalists have a high attack rate. They are taking chances, creating scoring opportunities, and looking to score the entire match. Case in point: Jordan Burroughs up by 8 points with 30 seconds left to go in the World finals. Rather than wrestling in Defense mode, Jordan Burroughs stays on the gas and seals it with a final takedown and tech fall. Kyle Snyder, James Green, Adeline Gray and Helen Maroulis each put up big points in almost every match. Adeline Gray outscored her opponents 47-4! None of these wrestlers were looking to eek out one point wins.
Lesson: If you are successful with your high powered offense, don’t change it up late in the match because you have a lead.

2. Our medalists have superb footwork. I believe footwork to be an underappreciated and undertrained skill in wrestling. While it isn’t always the most fun skill to train it is one of the most important things in wrestling. It creates offense, counter offense, and scoring opportunities late in the match. Kyle Snyder has phenomenal footwork. Especially for a guy his size. Helen Maroulis was incredibly smooth with her footwork and it led to her outscoring her opponents 34-0. James Green and Jordan Burroughs can flat out move.
Lesson: Spend time each practice and each day doing stance and motionand/or footwork drills.

3. Our medalists had fun! Some may think that they had fun because they were winning. They say that they had fun because they love to compete. Jordan Burroughs and Kyle Snyder were smiling BEFORE their finals matches. Again I recommend, don’t just watch the matches. Listen to their interviews as well. Jordan Burroughs said that he never smiled so much during a competition.
Lesson: The best wrestlers enjoy competing. In fact, enjoyment is a requirement of the Flow state so if you want be in the Zone during matches you have to enjoy or find ways to make it more enjoyable. Smiling is always a good start.

4. Faith is a factor. I heard Burroughs, Snyder and Maroulis talk about their faith and trusting in God’s plan after their matches. This gives them a sense of peace and confidence when they compete. A lot of the top wrestlers believe and trust in a higher purpose. I don’t think its a coincidence.
Lesson: Know what you believe in. Keep things in perspective.