There is a Mindset element to every aspect of the sport of wrestling (life too!) and weight cutting is no different.

Over the past few weeks this is without a doubt the biggest issue on the mind of many of our wrestlers.

We have spoken to many HS and college (even MS) wrestlers who are on the verge of quitting because of a weight class a coach, parent, or they for some reason want to make. And many of the wrestlers who are not on the verge of quitting are losing their passion and love for the sport. It may not be worth the cut this season.

Here are 3 Mindset rules for cutting weight:

Rule #1: Cutting weight doesn’t make you a better wrestler

If you focus on cutting weight all season instead of getting better there is a good chance you are actually moving further away from your goal. I understand that cutting some weight may make you or your team more competitive but if that becomes the focus you are NOT going to get much better during the season. And you likely can’t afford that either.

Rule #2- Less body fat isn’t always better. 

Too many wrestlers glorify how low their percentage of body fat is during wrestling season. There is always an optimal point. Everyone may be a little different but less isn’t always more in this case. Don’t take it from me though take a look at the Wrestling Studies on Average Body Fat of Elite Wrestlers!

Rule #3- If you believe a weight class is best for you then it is!

Your perception is your reality. Once you make a choice you need to treat it and honestly believe that it is the best thing possible for you. If you cannot do this with your weight class, it is time to reconsider.

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