I don’t need to sell anyone on the importance of Confidence in wrestling. Simply put it’s an absolute must. It separates the good from the great and the elite from everyone else.

Our 1-1 mindset program is all about practical wrestling specific exercises wrestlers can do to improve their mindset. Here are 10 practical ways to build confidence:

1. Make a list of all the times you have succeeded on the mat (i.e. best wins, practices, etc.). Confidence is all about what you focus on so start focusing on your successes.  Wrestlers are often critical to a fault. You’d be surprised how many good wrestlers stink at focusing on their success list. When they do they can reach the next level faster.

2. Make a list of elite wrestlers who use the same technique as you. It is imperative to believe in your technique especially during difficult times.

3. Improve your body language before matches and practices. Find out what confidence looks like to you (everyone is different) and use that body language before/during practices and matches. You will start to feel more confident.

4. Create a Confidence Anchor. A bit more psychological here. When you feel confident do some physical gesture (i.e. hang clap, pump fist, etc). Then start using this before matches and whenever you want to feel more confidence. Good old fashioned classical conditioning.

5. Visualize yourself succeeding. Use every sense you can. Don’t just visualize winning, but the whole process of a match and wrestling tournament. Visualize yourself overcoming fears.

6. Make a list of your best qualities. In wrestling, in school and life in general. What are you good at? The more fresh these qualities are in your mind the more confident you will feel.

7. Pray and read Scripture. This should be number one because it will help you in every area of your life. Confident people know what they believe in. When your faith grows your confidence will grow as well.

8. Make a small goal everyday that you can accomplish. When you see yourself achieving these small goals each day your confidence will grow.

9. Create a highlight tape of yourself. Watch yourself in your best matches regularly. See yourself executing technique and dominating matches. This is like visualization on steroids.

10. Do something better than anyone you will wrestle. Ben Askren did a study of NCAA champs. One thing they all had in common is that they each believed they possessed some skill better than anyone they wrestled. It may or may not have been true but each believed it. It could be a single technique, physical or mental attribute. What do you do better than everyone?

*** 11. Do something other people aren’t doing. Whether its running, starting a nutrition program, going to bed early every night, daily mindset training, jump rope, etc. When you are doing things that others aren’t willing to do consistently you will undoubtedly build confidence.

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