You all know that Wrestling Mindset is the only wrestling specific mindset program made by wrestlers for wrestlers. You know many of the Success Stories with the Olympic team, College teams, High school and Rec programs.


But here are 10 things you didn’t know about Wrestling Mindset. Let the fun begin:


1. Co-owner Gene Zannetti has an extensive background in Psychology. He has two masters degrees. One in Sport Psychology and one in Clinical Psychology. He also is a certified School Psychologist and has been published in the International Journal of Wrestling Sciences.


2. Co-owners Gene and Jeff Zannetti were teammates, classmates and roommates at the University of Pennsylvania. Both were recruited by former and current UPenn head coach Roger Reina (great man!). They were then coach by Zeke Jones (perhaps the greatest technician they know) and Rob Eiter (pound for pound world’s tightest gut wrench).


3. Wrestling Mindset has 10 former All Ivy League wrestlers on staff as Mindset Coaches (Penn, Columbia and Cornell).


4. Wrestling Mindset has 5 National Champions on staff (Dave Zabriskie, Nahshon Garrett, Elena Pirozhkova, Leigh Jaynes, Joe Rau), a World Champ and World Bronze medalist), and a 2x Penn State captain


5. Wrestling Mindset is a family run business. Gene and Jeff are brothers (Gene two years older), Chris Leva is a first cousin, Trey Mclean, Marcello and Shari Medini are practically family, and mom and dad give more feedback then we ask for (just kidding mom and dad).


6. Co-owners Gene and Jeff Zannetti wrestled off at UPenn in the finals of 2005 wrestle offs. Gene won 9-3 after Jeff secured his first takedown ever on big brother.


7. Third brother Greg Zannetti was a 2x National Qualifier for Rutgers University and was ranked as high as 7th in the country. He now studies at Immaculate Heart Seminary and is training for the priesthood. Side note, he still wrestles with some of our college wrestlers on off days on the Zannetti mat.


8. Gene is Godfather of Four involved with Wrestling Mindset. 2 Wrestling Mindset clients, Jeff’s daughter and Marcello’s oldest son.


9. Coach Mike Moor of Wrestling Mindset left his job at the FBI (only 1% of people get that job) to pursue Wrestling Mindset full time. Gene left his job as a School Psychologist and Jeff left his job as a Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch.


10. Everyone on Wrestling Mindset staff is a former wrestler. Our mindset coaches, sales reps, accounting, marketing and interns all wrestled.