Develop a Winning Prematch Routine




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Are you tired of getting really nervous before a match? Are you sick of watching your son or daughter wrestle without warming up or not being mentally prepared for a match? Developing a Prematch Routine is the best way to avoid these common problems. 

This online course will teach you how to develop a Prematch Routine to help you prepare physically and mentally for each match. This is the essential element of maintaining focus, blocking out distractions and wrestling with confidence on match day. Made for wrestlers of all ages.


What you get:

  •  A comprehensive breakdown of the 4 components of a champion wrestler’s Prematch Routine
  • Video footage of Prematch Routine presentation
  • Common mistakes wrestlers make with their Prematch Routine
  • Video and picture examples of Prematch Routine
  • Mindset Worksheet/Checklist of Prematch Routine (taken directly from our Exclusive 1-1 Mindset Program)
  • BONUS FEATURES: Wrestling Mindset Ebook 2.0, Building Aggressiveness in your Wrestler Audio file (taken directly from our Exclusive 1-1 Program), Free 1-1 Mindset Trial Session