1. What does it cost?
There are many different program options which is precisely why we need to speak with you over on the phone after you complete our Team Training Application. It depends on the frequency, duration and payment plan. We will work with you to help find the best option for your team’s budget and goals.


2. What is the process to get started?

Step 1: Complete our Team Training Application to see if you are a good fit for our program.

Step 2: Phone consultation to assess your team’s goals, challenges and experience level.

Step 3: Pair your team with the best fitting Mindset Coach.

Step 4: Schedule Team Workshops.


3. How long will it take to get results?
It depends. Some results come very quickly after shifting their mindset and focus. Other habits take longer to develop. Team Culture should start to improve quickly with our 4 Mindset Principles.

Click Here for Success Stories and Testimonials to see how others have benefited.


4. How does it work? 

We utilize a 3 step process to help each team.

Step 1: Assess team’s strengths, weaknesses and goals.

Step 2: Help wrestler develop self-awareness to better understand what is helping and hurting performance.

Step 3:  Develop plan to improve specific mental skills (confidence, relaxing under pressure, mental toughness, etc.) based on team’s needs.


5. Why do I need this if I am already doing mindset training with my team?
First, most coaches agree that the team benefits greatly by hearing it from someone else. We will absolutely reinforce key team principles. This will also ensure that the team sets aside time to specifically focus on mental training. We will also dive deeply into mindset topics like Confidence, Mental Toughness, Relaxing under Pressure and much more.


6.  How often do you recommend Team Workshops?
Ideally weekly (same day and time each week). Consistency is one of the most critical aspects of mindset training.


7. How do we get the most out of Wrestling Mindset Team Training?
Make sure that you and your coaches are excited about the program. Communicate this training as a strategic imperative rather than an optional workshop. Our programs that have the most success share these 3 commonalities:

(a) The coach is on board and actively involved. They don’t just turn the team loose with this training.

(b) They are consistent. They schedule weekly workshops (when budget permits) and implement year after year.

(c) They encourage their wrestlers to take advantage of 1-1 mindset coaching to enhance results.

One other factor that is highly encouraged, is to utilize a classroom setting (before or after practice) which is more conducive to note-taking and better focus.


8. What does a Team Workshop look like?
A typical team workshop is run over Zoom/Skype and lasts about 45 minutes. Your expert Mindset Coach will teach a lesson, have the team complete the lesson (write it down) and encourage a few wrestlers to share answers. Workshops will end with Q&A from wrestlers and coaches, where we can address any specific challenges.


9. What if my wrestlers don’t want to do it? Should I force them?

Do they have a choice when it comes to conditioning or other training? Like any aspect of training, some athletes will be more eager than others to dive into it. It is crucial that mental training is approached the same way as conditioning or other aspects of training. The wrestlers are not given a choice, because the coach knows that it is important to their development on and off the mat. Mental training should be positioned as a strategic imperative rather than an optional workshop.


10.  Who will coach my team?

Once you sign up for our training, you will receive a questionnaire asking about your team (goals, age, location, etc.). Our team does an exceptional job matching each team with a Mindset Coach who can quickly build rapport with your team. The relationship between athletes and coach is crucial. Thus, this is a pivotal part of the process that we do not take lightly.