1. What does it cost?
There are many different program options which is precisely why we need to speak with you over on the phone after you complete our 1-1 Coaching Application. It depends on the frequency, duration and payment plan. We will work with you to help find the best option for your financial situation and goals.


2. What is the process to get started?

Step 1: Complete 1-1 Coaching Application to see if you are a good fit for our program.

Step 2: Phone consultation with parent/guardian to assess your son or daughter. Discuss our 3-Step process improve mindset.

Step 3: Pair your son/daughter with the best fitting Mindset Coach after completing a parent/athlete questionnaire.

Step 4: Begin 1-1 phone coaching.


3. How long will it take to get results?
You might see progress in as little as two weeks, but most wrestlers will show significant improvement within 90 days of weekly mindset training.

Click Here for Success Stories and Testimonials to see how others have benefited.


4. How does it work? 

We utilize a 3 step process to help wrestlers.

Step 1: Assess wrestler’s strengths and weaknesses.

Step 2: Help wrestler develop self-awareness to better understand what is helping and hurting performance.

Step 3:  Develop plan to improve specific mental skills (confidence, relaxing under pressure, mental toughness, etc.) based on wrestler’s individual needs.


5. What if my son or daughter is not excited about mindset training?
This is common. Encourage him/her to at least try a 10-15 minute trial call with our Mindset Coach. Our team is very good at quickly building rapport and making wrestlers feel comfortable with our training. Many of our best success stories come from wrestlers who were skeptical at first.


6. What do sessions look like?
You will be matched up with a former wrestler certified in Wrestling Mindset (not a doctor or therapist) who can best relate to you. You will talk over the phone (on average 20-45 minutes) completing mindset lessons and exercises. Each wrestler is sent an online workbook with each lesson and worksheet (over 75 worksheets) which will be completed during phone sessions. Most wrestlers find this very helpful and not awkward as lessons are made very practical and down to Earth.


7.  Who will my son/daughter work with?
Once you sign up for our training, you will receive a questionnaire asking about your son/daughter (personality, goals, age, etc.). Our team does an exceptional job matching each wrestler with a Mindset Coach who can quickly build rapport with your wrestler. The relationship between athlete and coach is crucial. Thus, this is a pivotal part of the process that we do not take lightly.


8. Which program do you recommend?

Far and away the best program is our Gold program (weekly 1-1 coaching calls). If at all possible, we highly encourage weekly phone sessions. 3 reasons why:

(a) Similar to strength training, consistency is key when it comes to mental training. It is better to do a little a lot, than a lot a little.

(b) Training becomes more routine and it is easier to build into schedule. For instance, each Monday night from 8-8:30pm is dedicated to mental training calls.

(c) It is the best bang for you buck. It cost less per session when you sign up for our Gold (weekly sessions) program.


9. How do we get the most out of Wrestling Mindset 1-1 Coaching?

Be consistent/show up, read the lesson before your call, ask questions, and try your best to implement the strategies you learn. Be as open as possible with your Mindset Coach. Understand that this usually takes time, but our coaches are exceptional at building rapport and helping wrestlers open up about their struggles. Lastly, continue your mindset training throughout your career. Similar to strength training, you need to train your mind as long as you are competing. You can always enhance your mental and emotional game, which will pay dividends on and off the mat.