Top 10 not so obvious Mindset Lessons from Muhammad Ali (& Wrestling Mindset worksheets that cover these topics)

1. Knew what he believed. His faith & morals were more important to him than his success (Mental Toughness week 2)

2. Stepped outside his comfort zone regularly. (Mental Toughness week 1)

3. He had fun and knew what he loved about boxing and continued focusing on the positives. (Self-Knowledge week 9)

4. He knew exactly his motivation buttons and what made him tick. (Motivation week 2)

5. He made his goal public. Even before he was the champ. (Goal Setting week 5)

6. He had a plan and was the hardest worker Angelo Dundee ever coached. (Goal Setting week 3)

7. He had an Alter Ego- The Greatest – even went so far as to change his name. (Aggressiveness week 1)

8. He said he was scared to death before all his fights. He acted confident and used body language. (Confidence week 3)

9. He was well aware and would always list his list his past successes (Confidence week 1)

10. He always knew exactly what his strengths were as a fighter and person. (Confidence week 4).