The benefit of the program is well worth the cost. The weekly 1-1 calls with my mindset coach and the spiritual aspect has helped me to improve as a wrestler and as a man.

wrestling mindset jaydon elge winner
Jaydon Elge
2X Nebraska State Champion

I like how I had the ability to speak with my mindset coach during tournaments. Wrestling Mindset has helped me get over my nerves during a match and never panic.

wrestling mindset trophy
Isaiah Poppe
6th Kids States

Wrestling Mindset taught me new ways to transform my nerves into an edge for competition. It taught me to always be myself and always be on the hunt.

wrestling mindset haley woman
Olympian Haley Augello
USA Olympic Wrestler

Wrestling Mindset has helped me be more aggressive and less concerned.

Wrestling mindset child
Haakon Peterson
Trinity Award Winner
10X WI State Champion
Future Olympian Award Winner

I saw myself Jump Levels. I began to open up, have fun and become less anxious.

wrestling mindset evan
Evan DeLuise
4X District Champion
2X Region Champion
UPenn Wrestling

Wrestling Mindset helped me get past mental blocks and become more aggressive. I have been able to learn so much and gain a huge confidence boost. My experiences have been great!

wrestling mindset family photo
Dillon Roman
Colorado State Champion
Outstanding Wrestler Award

At first I thought it was just a Twitter handle, but the mindset worksheets helped us to organize our thoughts and understand what was holding us back and how to deal with that. I learned how my thoughts could easily impact my success.

wrestling mindset denzel
Denzel Dejournette
DI All American

I feel more confident and motivated before all of my matches, even against tough opponents. I enjoy talking to my mindset coach. Any time I have questions or need advice I know I can always go to him.

wrestling mindset D'Amani
D’Amani Almdovar
2nd Kids States

I found that I was more calm and relaxed before big matches.

wrestling mindset connor
Connor Strong
2X Maryland State Champion

What gave me confidence was knowing that I spent hours doing something that many wrestlers did not, mentally preparing.

wrestling mindset champion
Christian Colucci
2015 NJ State Champion
220 lbs.