Biggest RoadBlocks To Success:


While there isn’t a magical formula to guarantee or control success, there are certainly elements within our control that will lead to increasing the probability of achieving success in all aspects of life by avoiding the most common roadblocks.



A very simple but effective way to define procrastination is “Getting ready to get ready.” Oftentimes it’s the start that stops most people from ever beginning to take the first step in their journey towards success. A common misconception or prey thought is viewing successful people as naturally gifted or talented.  Where the actual reality is that the successful people hold themselves accountable in their daily actions. “The road to someday leads to the city of nowhere.”  


Blaming others, pointing fingers, making excuses or complaining:

Life has certainly dealt many people with an unfortunate hand that they cannot control.  However viewing our past adversities as a way to blame others or make excuses is a common roadblock to success. Even though these particular events are certainly not your fault in many cases they are your responsibility to come up with a positive solution on how you are going to respond to the situation.  No one is perfect and we all make mistakes so it is important to acknowledge your mistakes head on by taking personal responsibility for your actions while learning and growing from the mistakes. 


Why me?:

Asking yourself “Why me?” questions will lead you to focussing your attention solely on the problem rather than the solution.  The more effective questions to ask yourself when adversity strikes that will lead to you being more efficient with your time are “How can I learn from this?” or “What could I have done differently?”.Successful people tend to have a great balance in their personal relationship with themselves by being their own biggest critic while at the same time being their own best friend. “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”.


Avoiding these most common roadblocks will allow you to take the first step on your journey towards success in all areas of your life.  By making the transition within to viewing all roadblocks as challenges rather than problems while strategizing ways to go around, under, over or through them will have you well on your way in your own joyful journey towards successful life.