When I was a young wrestler I learned a great piece of advice from one of my coaches and mentors Donn Ernst. Always learn from the very best. Stop following your friends, your teammates, or even the best in the state. Look to the best wrestlers in the world.

Jake Herbert is without a doubt one of the best wrestlers in the world.

6 great Mindset Tips from his short interview after winning the US Open

1. You have to believe you are going to win it. They asked if he was surprised that he won. He said no, you have to believe you are going to win.

2. You got to have a plan and a systematic approach to your training. Going through the motions isn’t going to cut it. Your training needs to be planned out and approached systematically.

3. You have to fail many times before having success. They asked about his 4 point move in the finals. He said that it worked because he failed it many times in practice.

4. You gotta love what you do. He said that loves that he gets to go out on a Saturday night and do what he loves. Gotta love wrestling!!

5. Seeds mean nothing! Jake was preseeded 10th. You can’t care about that. It’s just a number (kind of like his age).

6. Always be on the attack. He talks about attacking attacking attacking. You can’t be satisfied with a lead. You have to keep attacking!

Watch the Jake Herbert Flo interview here